3. Make Tiny Tiny Tiny Daily Commitments

What: In any goal you’d like to achieve, make daily commitments to yourself so small that you can’t not achieve them.  And then never not achieve them.  For example, if you’d like to write a book – commit yourself to writing one sentence per day.  Once you’ve made this commitment, do not let a single day pass without writing at least one sentence.  Lift is a great app to help with this.  Furthermore, this can work for almost anything; exercise (5 push-ups per day), reading (5 pages of per book a day), etc.

Why: 1). You’ll incrementally and proactively move forward on your big goals.  2). You’ll become addicted to keeping commitments to yourself, which in turn will teach you how to keep (and make) any type of commitment – not just the daily ones – to yourself and other people.  3). You will create new habits.  Any new habits of your choosing.  It’s a pretty liberating feeling the moment you fully comprehend that you’re in control of creating new habits.

To Overcome: If you miss a day don’t kill yourself, but don’t revert back to thinking it’s okay to let a commitment slide.  The key is to make the commitment so small that no matter how tired/hungry/distracted/busy you are, you’ll drop to the ground and do 5 push-ups.  Your inner-dialogue should go something like this: “Fine screw it – what will 25 seconds interrupt anyway?”

Personal Application: I started with an easy commitment, and over many months slowly worked in more difficult ones.  Looking forward to what my next one will be, when I am ready.  In order of implementation.  (I track all of these with Lift.)

  1. One on-going journal entry per day
  2. Five pages of a book read per day
  3. Five minutes of meditation per day
  4. Floss every night
  5. Awake at 5am every morning
  6. Two Steel My Mind posts per day

To Read: This is the blog post that sent me down this path.  It does a much better job of explaining things: How The Top 1% Actually Makes Progress (aka the Seinfeld Solution). (Jerry Seinfeld made $267 million in 1998?!?!?!  Unbelievable.  New goal.)

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